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Your body is your most essential instrument


bos.esturary7Body of Sound is a celebration of the body as our most essential instrument…in life, in play, and in practice. It is a journey into rhythm, voice and movement through structured exercises and improvisation. It is a discovery of freedom and creative expression that lends itself to every aspect of your life. We draw from a variety of modalities such as Body Percussion, Dance, Yoga, Meditation, Contact Improvisation, Circle Song and Chant Practices.


Body of Sound is beneficial for enhancing focus, coordination, balance, communication skills and stress release. Through various exercises and group scores we explore the value of both structure and improvisation to develop deep listening, individual skills, collective creativity and teamwork.

When we use our body and voice to access the places within that are longing to be expressed, we are in touch with our authentic self. This ignites truth, inspires clear communication and generates a ‘feeling’ sense of belonging and connection that awakens the whole being and activates transformation. We work together to remember the innate satisfaction of community.


Body of Sound is developed based on the most fundamental elements of being human. Therefore this modality is accessible to everyone regardless of experience level. A common belief is that some people are creative while others are not. Body of Sound encourages the belief that creativity is inherent in everyone. Sometimes you just need a little nudge to find the best avenue to apply your creative genius to your life.

For those who are students of life…Body of Sound inspires a practice that can lend itself to every aspect of your life from authentic daily interactions blossoming into meaningful relationships to caring for your body health and embodying radiant confidence.


For those who study the arts…Body of Sound can help musicians who want to be more embodied, dancers who want to be more musical, singers who want more rhythmic skills, and anyone who is interested in deepening your capacity to express through your most essential instrument – your body!!

This is playful, fun, transformational, and surprisingly revealing.

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