Bhaktifest Aerial Art Ritual & Film Project

Dear Friends, I’ve been working behind the scene for weeks with my creative partners John Quigley and Magalie Bonneau-Marcil as well as the Unify crew, getting ready to catalyze a Water Goddess Aerial Art Ritual. The creative effort will focus on bringing thousands of yogis together to raise awareness on the water crises we’re facing in California – particularly on the impact of fracking and to create a short video that can be sent out to the media and through our social networks. Check out this video below to find out more:

This is about leveraging the power of participatory art, demonstration, ceremony, story telling and social media. The initiative will happen on September 12 in Joshua Tree at the heart of Bhakti Fest. Come and Play! We’re building a team of movement, voice and ritual facilitators that will help pull this off on a massive scale. It will be filmed from the ground and the sky and then turned into a short viral video.
For those interested in joining the creative team, join us on September 9th. Sign up here for more info:

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