“Body of Sound sparked the beginning of a transformational journey for me. Alyssa DeCaro is a patient and encouraging teacher. Through gentle challenges and introspective exercises, Alyssa guides me towards finding my true self. She creates a safe, non-judgmental environment where I can express myself in different modalities, some for the first time! By following Alyssa’s lead, I use my voice to communicate clear thoughts and real emotions. I am starting to express myself though flowing, spontaneous movement. Using all my senses, I practice receiving, both internal and external, messages of love, compassion, and respect. Amazingly, through guided meditation, Alyssa is instrumental in teaching me how to be generous, patient, and kind to myself. In Body of Sound, and continuing in private sessions, Alyssa has helped me transcend old beliefs to realize the possibility that I am present, whole, and strong.”

San Francisco, CA


“Working with Alyssa was fun and inspiring. She really has a talent for creating a space where everyone has room for expressing himself “

Artistic Director


“I came not knowing what to expect and found what I needed and wanted. I love the percussion, rhythm, and movement.”

Los Angeles, CA


“I love taking Alyssa’s body percussion workshops! She is supremely talented and generous with her gifts as a dancer/ percussionist/choreographer/singer/performer and has that rare and wonderful mix of being really organized and thorough as well as playful, spontaneous and fun. She’s a wonderful teacher and over all human being.”

Musician and Performer, Berkeley CA


“Alyssa’s workshop was a liberating, exhilarating adventure in movement and sound. A vacation from the chatter in your head.”

Los Angeles, CA


“Body of Sound offers a broad variety of delightful vocal and movement exercises that were magical explorations. The leader, Alyssa, is gifted as a teacher and allows expansion for all levels of her students embracing everyone in her imaginative playful workshop. I had a meaningful and remarkable experience. Thank you so much.”

Los Angeles


“I appreciate your light and focused presence, your intentionality and capacities for co-creating sound and movement interplay.. fun collective entrainment!”

LCSW, San Leandro


“Body of Sound wasn’t anything like I expected . . . and that’s a good thing! I went in fearing embarrassment at having to sing and dance in front of others. Instead, I was welcomed into a playful, creative space in which judgment could gain no foothold. A progression of solo, partnered, and group movement/sound exercises, allowed ample room to experiment, create, collaborate and receive. It recalled for me the joyful, rollicking good time I had as a kid, when my body and voice were my primary instruments. Body of Sound had me listening—to myself and to others—on a whole new level. It pulled the cotton from my ears and heart, tuning me in to a fuller range of rhythms and vibrations. Body of Sound was tonic for the soul!”

San Francisco, CA


I lost my adult self in a Body of Sound workshop with Alyssa and found the carefree little girl I once was, once upon a time.

Sebastopol CA


“Alyssa DeCaro’s Body of Sound class is a total mind body practice of dance, voice, body percussion, poly rhythms and movement awareness practices. “

Fitness and creative movement coach