StemSport® Advanced Formula


StemSport® is a breakthrough concept in fitness nutrition that was designed with the professional athlete, weekend warrior and active individual in mind.

“Without question, StemSport quickened my recovery time.”

– Kevin K.
Major League Baseball player

StemSport is available in citrus flavored chewable tablets or the StemSport concept may be implemented by combining capsules of SE2 and StemFlo.

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Product Description

Focus. Performance. Recovery.
The StemSport concept was conceived by the sports nutrition and wellness experts at Stemtech with the goal of helping individuals achieve ultimate fitness and recovery assistance at the cellular level.

Physical activity and exercise play a natural role in damaging muscle fibers (cells) throughout the body. By assisting in increasing the number of adult stem cells in the bloodstream the StemSport concept may help your body naturally repair, rebuild and recover faster, so you can return to activity and athletic participation more quickly. StemSport may assist you with better focus, improved performance and faster recovery.

The StemSport Nutritional Concept
The StemSport nutritional concept may be implemented by combining capsules of SE2 and StemFlo. StemSport is also available as citrus flavored chewable tablets that combine the powerful ingredients in SE2 and StemFlo with the added benefits of D-Ribose.

D-Ribose is a five-carbon sugar that occurs naturally in all living cells and facilitates the production of adenosine triphosphate (ATP). ATP is the energy unit in the body that is used by cells (including muscle tissue) for normal function. Scientific studies suggest that D-Ribose may help to improve recovery after intense physical activity.

Nutritional Benefits:

  • Renew and recover faster by naturally increasing your circulating adult stem cell count.*
  • Improve your mental clarity.*
  • Reap the many benefits that come from aiding your body’s ability to transport vital nutrients, oxygen and stem cells to your muscles, tissues and organs.*

StemSport is a concept that is built on the idea of supporting an active lifestyle with adult stem cell nutrition. Where StemSport chewable tablets are unavailable, you can achieve the same results by combining capsules of SE2 and StemFlo. The StemSport concept may also be carried out by using capsules of SE2 as directed in the usage instructions.

*This statement has not been evaluated by the FDA.