Your Body Is Your Most Essential Instrument


Why Body of Sound?

Body of Sound is beneficial for enhancing focus, coordination, balance, communication skills and offers satisfying stress release.
We draw from a variety of modalities such as Body Percussion, Vocal Toning, Tap Dance, Ecstatic Dance, Contact Improvisation, Circle Song and Balinese Kecak.
Body of Sound is developed on the most fundamental elements of being human. Therefore this modality is accessible to everyone.
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“Alyssa’s workshop was a liberating, exhilarating adventure in movement and sound. A vacation from the chatter in your head.”

Los Angeles, CA


I lost my adult self in a Body of Sound workshop with Alyssa and found the carefree little girl I once was, once upon a time.

Sebastopol CA

What is Body Of Sound


Rhythm is the heartbeat of all life…the internal language that speaks to all of us. Rhythm reveals itself in nature, and we as humans are constantly creating rhythm…when we walk, talk, work, play and interact. However, to refine your expression of rhythm…that takes commitment, precision, and attention.


The voice is the window to your soul. It is not only how we communicate basic needs…it is also the avenue for deeper self expression. The human voice is the most intimate vulnerable form of expression. It is incredibly versatile and has the power to profoundly touch our hearts. Vocalizing together as a group is invigorating and deeply satisfying!


Movement is essential to life. Even in stillness there is subtle movement of breath and energy. Knowing your own body is the pathway to expanding your relationship with the world around you. It requires a willingness to feel and be present. Your body then becomes your subtle guide to every step along your path. You can begin to play it like a finely-tuned instrument.